How a data centre works

How a data centre works DNA IT

A data centre is a centralised location where computer and networking equipment is stored for the purposes of collecting, processing and storing data. Organisations dealing with sensitive data will use such centres for security purposes, ensuring that a backup of all data is securely stored.

Why are data centres necessary?

The loss of data can result in the loss of revenues and consumer confidence and, in many instances, it can constitute a breach of the law. As companies of all sizes become increasingly data reliant and data hungry, the demand for storage space and processing power often outstrips the ability of said companies – particularly those classed as small-medium enterprises – to deliver on obligations to protect, back up and process data.

While it’s easy to dismiss the data centre as an additional security feature, it’s a fact that secure and rapid access to data is critical for all enterprises. Interruptions to the flow of data can bring a business to its knees if there is no effective backup strategy in place.

Picture the scenario without a sufficient backup solution in place: a system failure means that the office server goes down. CRM system databases are inaccessible. Accounts packages can’t be used to process payments. And, worst of all? All of your data is gone – that’s notes about previous and prospective customers and clients, their names and addresses, transaction histories and more.

The data centre solution

Many of us conceptualise data centres as staid rooms full of server racks humming and blinking away, but the truth is that they come in all manner of sizes, shapes and configurations. Many cloud providers offer secure private data centres to business customers and there are many positive reasons to opt for cloud-based backups.

Firstly, cloud-based solutions are based off-site. This provides additional security in the event of damage to a building (for example, flooding or fire) and in the event of hardware theft. Furthermore, cloud-based data centres can be remotely accessed, providing users with connectivity, even when on the move.

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