10 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Email Security Provider

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The world of online security, email continuity and archiving can be tricky.

That’s why you need an expert to guide you along the way.  FuseMail is a product that DNA IT Solutions offer to their clients and we want to share some information about it with you.  FuseMail have put together 10 questions a business might ask when choosing a cloud email provider.  The information provided here will not only answer your questions but will give you food for thought.

Do I pay extra for support?

Some email and web security providers will charge you extra for telephone support or restrict you to a limited number of calls. Email is business critical! Check that you are covered for unlimited telephone and email support. You need to be able to reach the Support Team whenever you need them. Charging for out of hours’ support is common, but ensure you agree a prearranged fee for this.

Is advanced threat protection included in my package?

Advanced threat protection is a necessity, not an optional add on. Make sure you are protected from phishing and spear phishing from the outset by ensuring your email security is all inclusive.  Most providers will tier their protection, so ensure the package you choose gives you the protection you need.

Can I customise the platform to suit the needs of my organisation?

Some email security systems are inflexible. If you need to set up some custom policies for your organisation, then you are forced to pay for bespoke development or call support, even if you just want to make a small change.  Ensure your system is under your control before signing up to anything.

Can it handle data loss protection?

Sending customer or employee data outside of the organisation should raise alarm bells.  Make sure your email security system can sound the alarm either through keyword policies or data strings and make sure attachments are scanned too.

Is it fully compatible with MAPI, IMAP and POP Messaging protocols?

You want an email security provider that can move with you, if you move. It should be compatible with all major messaging protocols and email clients. A lot of companies are moving to Office 365, so to future proof yourself, check that it works with that too!

Does it have a single unified interface for all messages?

All vendors claim to want to help you reduce time spent on IT administration. However, when it comes to email security there are a few key things that really help, including ensuring fewer false positives and a streamlined process for managing the quarantine.   So how many quarantine areas should you have to search through before you find what you need? One!

What happens if my mail server fails? Can you offer me email continuity?

Email continuity is crucial for all businesses, if your email server or Exchange goes offline, does your business come to a stop? Probably.    Always-on email continuity means never losing the ability to send or receive emails. Not everyone can offer this. If they can – is the service worth the fee charged?

Do they invest in research and development?

Some email security vendors will give you a product that works but is never worked on. Buy into something that is being developed and updated regularly. This is often overlooked, but new threats continually emerge and your vendor needs to respond. Don’t end up stuck with something that protects you from last year’s threats.

Can they offer web security?

We agree, you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none, or you can master a few complementary areas. So yes if a provider labels themselves as an email security expert, you will probably get a great product but, if you employ an online security company to manage all your online security needs, wouldn’t that be neater?

Can they provide you with email archiving?

It’s just simpler to have your online vendors in one place and cloud email archiving is the perfect complement to email security.  To save time, go with a vendor who can manage your cloud email security, cloud email archiving and cloud web security


FuseMail enables businesses around the world to communicate with confidence every day. Their cloud based services provide simple, secure, and scalable solutions for email security, spam and virus filtering, email archiving and hosted Exchange. With an international suite of products and features, FuseMail is a world leader in email and web security and that is why DNA IT Solutions partner with them to provide their products in Ireland.  For more information on this you can speak with our expert team.