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Managed Security

Is your Business Sufficiently Protected?  

External threats to your IT environment such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, clickjacking, misdirection of services and others have become more common and more sophisticated. Protecting your businesses’ IT assets requires the implementation of equally sophisticated tools and processes. DNA IT Solutions’ 4D-Security provides a comprehensive managed security service which helps to minimise the threat and keep your business secure.


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DNA IT have more control and power in what we can do to protect you. 

DNA’s 4D-Securìty Suite comprises best in class security software from specialists such as Sophos, FuseMail and McAfee, combined with on-site implementation and on-going support services from DNA’s technical team to provide a fully managed security solution for our customers. The right level of security for you.

Email Security

Unmonitored email systems leave a company open to viruses, spam and a whole host of malware threats. The result of this can be dramatic ranging from lost productivity, data leakage, litigation and reputational damage or loss of brand equity.  

Perimeter Firewall Security

These types of appliances sit at the edge of your network and are the entry and exit point to your network. They control what traffic can come and leave your local area network (LAN). We work with vendors such as WatchGuard and Cisco, which gives us access to a range of hardware appliances.  

Web Content Filtering

The internet brings with it a host of security and work productivity challenges that need to be addressed.  Our Web Content Filtering Services enables organisations to improve employee productivity by managing website access considered to be non-business related.  

Encryption Technologies

Encryption will protect the confidentially of data stored by a company or transmitted by them internally.  It can further help with security protection by ensuring that the origin of a message can be verified and that the message integrity is intact and traceable.

Security for the modern enterprise 


Cloud backup lets businesses move important data
off-premise, whether it is corporate documents, data backups or archives


The design of the right Solution for your organisations specific is the first step of ensuring business continuity in the event of the unexpected.

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