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We Assess, Define, and Plan Your IT Infrastructure

DNA IT Solutions consultants will evaluate your current IT infrastructure to identify the gaps and understand your business challenges.

During the discovery phase, we assess your needs prior to infrastructure upgrades of cloud migrations or key line of business application adoption. We spend the time to determine where you are.

Our consultants can come in at a number of stages to make your IT more efficient and much easier to manage. At every stage and in every role we take on, our aim is to provide practical and impartial advice to our clients.

Optimise Your Entire IT Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure services can be tailored to meet the needs of SMEs and larger enterprises. Whatever the size of your business, at DNA IT Solutions we are able to run through the challenges you face and draw up appropriate and cost-efficient solutions that will help you to get on with getting things done.

Our IT assessment can be focused on a specific area, such as:

  • Complex IT architecture analysis
  • Cloud migration(s), Hybrid ‘or’ Dedicated environments.
  • Security needs analysis.
  • Vendor path migrations
  • IT infrastructure – migration planning.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Capacity Planning

Using our professional design skills, we integrate disparate hardware and software to design an infrastructure which will provide maximum network performance. Our consultants will guide you in plotting a migration path to new network services by evaluating your current system and protecting existing investment as part of the design process.


At DNA IT Solutions we take a look at the historical user patterns before we start to develop the workload model. The workload must be realistic and reflect real user patterns in order for it to be effective. When done correctly, this will ensure the successful application of capacity planning.


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