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Cloud is not just a solution for storage needs.

Progressive companies are transitioning to the cloud in order to use new technologies. These technologies are enabling them to gain competitive advantage and allowing them to operate in new markets.

Some businesses must move to the cloud to conform with various legal and regulatory factors around data protection. The business world is changing and with ever growing volumes of big data the cloud has become a solution that is both necessary and advantageous.


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No Single Solution

There is no single solution that will fit with every business as it will depend on how much information or data is being moved. It will also depend on the budget and needs of the business. Working with a team that is familiar with all the options will ensure you get the solution that is right for you.


This can still be the best option for smaller business that are not highly regulated and have limited budgets. When using the public cloud you have little control of where your data is stored or how it is managed but that may not be of concern to the business.


Private storage that meets high-security levels and allows for growth may be a priority for a business. When opting for private cloud the solution is always based on the customer’s needs. There is great flexibility to only take the space needed to keep the costs in line.


This approach uses both local and off-site resources to manage storage. It provides dedicated servers and storage and shared cloud services on the same network. The system will be bespoke to the customer and will deliver both availability and flexibility.

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Making the move to the Cloud can lead to significant cost reductions. It is these controlled lower costs that make the move so attractive in the first instance. This is because it can be more cost-effective and less time consuming than using multiple physical servers

Cloud can be the best option as it has the flexibility and scalability to grow and change with the business. It is relatively straightforward to adjust storage needs without too much difficulty or delay as required.

Risk reduction is another advantage of switching to the cloud with guaranteed security and software updates. It’s a backup service that eliminates the need for manual intervention. Using private cloud, the proper physical and network security ensure that your data remains very secure.

Your Transition Planning

When you work with an experienced expert like DNA IT Solutions you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We look at your business to see what the correct solution is for you at this moment in time. We also look to the future and take into account your growth plans so that the system we recommend will support them.

We want to give you the easiest migration option that will cause the least disruption. The one that fits your budget and meets your risk requirements that will give you the best return on your spend. You don’t have to do the research as we have already done that for you. We know you may view moving to the Cloud as a headache but we are here to do the heavy lifting for you. Leaving you to get on with your core business.

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