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BaaS – Backup as a Service

With obligations to retain ever-increasing amounts of data for longer periods, businesses are finding it harder than ever to keep everything in-house. DNA IT Solutions provides a secure cloud-based service backing up local data whether it is on desktops, servers or laptops to the cloud.

Cloud backup lets businesses move important data off-premise, whether it is corporate documents, data backups or archives. Cloud backup allows you to always have access to your data and to use a highly cost-effective and simple Pay-As-You-Grow model.

You simply

  1. Purchase usage licences and storage from DNA IT Solutions,
  2. Install the software on your existing on-premise devices and
  3. Choose the backup strategy you wish to use.


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Key Features of Cloud Backup

  • Desktop Backup:
    Can be integrated to backup your desktop or laptop
  • Server Backup:
    Can integrate backups for Windows/Linux server, SQL & Exchange.
  • Client-based Management:
    Manage settings and configuration by an installable client.
  • Web-based User/Storage Management:
    Centralised management via a web interface.
  • Elastic Storage on Demand:
    Increase or Decrease your storage and users when you need to.
  • Agents for MS SQL, Exchange and MySQL:
    Server agents for extended backup options


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