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4D – DRaaS – Disaster Recovery as a Service

The vast majority of DNA IT clients are totally dependent on their IT infrastructure to run their business. Any significant downtime or unavailability for whatever reason, means lost business, potentially lost customers, and a hit to the bottom line.

The challenge for many organisations is to balance the cost of putting in place the infrastructure, resources and expertise to develop, implement and test a viable disaster recovery capability within the constraints of the overall IT budget.

No single DR solution fits all organisations. This makes the design and selection of the right DR solution for your organisation’s specific needs, the critical first critical step in the process of ensuring business continuity in the event of the unexpected



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Disaster Recovery Protection for Peace of Mind

We understand our customers’ need for a smart, all-in-one solution that offers proactive data conservation and the ability to retrieve data quickly, anytime, anywhere.


DNA IT’s 4D-DataProtect is a fully managed online backup solution for data files, folders and databases.

The key features of 4D-DataProtect are:

  • Fully managed and monitored by DNA IT’s NOC support team.
  • Backup for laptops, PCs (network and mapped drives) and server data applications.
  • Data is stored at 2 Dublin-based data centres with 128-bit SSL encryption during data transport over the internet and 256-bit encryption on servers.
  • Private encryption key ensures only authorised personnel can restore data.
  • Automatic or scheduled backups on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.
  • Supports database backups – exchange, SQL, Oracle.
  • Typical file restore takes approximately 5 minutes.
  • DNA IT provides flexible options to enable customers to specify the amount of online storage required e.g. 100Gb base level.

Total Recoverability. 100% Guaranteed

DNA IT’s 4D-DRaaS Managed Service provides the expertise to design and implement a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans appropriate to your organisation’s specific requirements and provides the on-going management and testing of your disaster recovery solution.

Continuous Server Backup – Fast disaster recovery -Easy centralised management and control

4D-DRaaS Pro

Robust and reliable, our disaster recovery solution is a fully managed service supporting Windows and Linux environments.

It is application-aware, thereby effectively protecting your mission-critical Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft SharePoint applications

  • Push-button failover to standby virtual machines eliminates the need for duplicate infrastructure and software licenses.
  • Integrated data-replication with compression and global deduplication.
  • Push-button disaster recovery testing doesn’t affect production environments.
  • Mountable snapshots – with SQL and database access directly from snapshot–saves extra disk space.
  • Replication of snapshots at an alternative location for off-site backup and recovery.

DNA IT Solutions 4D-DRaaS Pro protects not only physical platforms but VMware ESX, VMware ESX(i), and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual platforms via a single user interface, recovering application data from a block level to an individual file locally and across the WAN in just minutes.

Our 4D-DRaas Pro solution delivers advanced data protection with fast, image-based backups across virtual, physical, and cloud environments, unifying backup, replication, and recovery in one solution.

4D-DRaaS Advanced

Our 4D-DRaaS Advanced solution provides businesses with an all-in-one online backup and disaster recovery solution designed to recover business servers and get enterprises up and running in minutes.

  • Block level snapshots with incremental-forever data capture.
  • Failover server rewind: rolling back to any point in time to recover the entire server.
  • Flexible disaster recovery options: bare metal restore and failover virtual machines.
  • Integrated data deduplication

It is the next-generation solution for business continuity, backup, and recovery that will fully protect physical, virtual, and cloud resources. Along with seamless integration with Microsoft applications for complete disaster data protection, 4D-DRaaS Advanced also includes global deduplication that makes backups extremely efficient while lowering storage costs.

Robust backup and business continuity solution for protecting Microsoft Windows servers, VMWare vSphere and ESX(i) servers.

4D-DRaaS Enterprise

Our 4D- DRaaS Enterprise solution integrates Zerto’s industry leading DR technology in DNA IT’s cloud to provide cloud based disaster recovery as a service that replicates VMs from your on-site VMWare or Hyper-V hypervisor

  • Bring your RPO down to seconds
  • Bring your RTO down to minutes
  • Network connectivity flexibility
  • Anytime testing
  • Advanced end to end management.

4D-DRaaS is storage agnostic which means that it does not matter what tier/type of storage you have. This enables you to keep an up to date copy of your virtualized applications in the DNA IT 4D-DRaaS Enterprise cloud, recovering them on a self-service basis. 4D-DRaaS Enterprise with Zerto offers improved flexibility and boosts your ability to recover from a disaster with near zero Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

It also offers automated failover and failback the ensures the accuracy and efficiency of your disaster recovery plan.


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