DNA IT partners with OKI to deliver a complete range of fast, high quality, reliable products and innovative services that help to improve business productivity and deliver cost savings and efficiencies.

Traditionally a company would purchase a printer with a short warranty attached and then buy consumables as needed in an ad-hoc ‘Pay As You Go’ manner.

Our Managed Print Service works like ‘Contract Bill Pay’ where a purchaser has no up-front costs but pays on a quarterly fixed charge basis over 3 years for printer/copier hardware and consumables at a predetermined rate based on audited usage.

Full service is provided including pro-active consumables delivery by OKI. Internal management and costs are greatly reduced.

Our managed print solution provides a range of useful tools that help organisations to manage, control and secure printing.

  • Cost Control and Easy Budgeting:

    Lower and fixed quarterly cost of print/ copy volumes depending on usage.

  • Convenience:

    Single source billing and automated management of consumables and service.

  • Peace of Mind:

    On-site service for a lifetime of the contract, enabling concentration on core activities.

  • Cost Control and Easy Budgeting:

    Technology and service from one of the world’s leading Printer brands.


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