This guide explains how IBM can power your mobile applications with its smart mobile Cloud.

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The platform and tools to build native mobile apps and robust mobile back ends

Build smarter mobile services and applications using IBM Cloud. Build, launch and maintain native, hybrid or web-based mobile apps. Speed and optimise mobile app development with IBM Cloud solutions

IBM Cloud offers solutions and services built to enable you to accelerate and optimise mobile app development. The IBM Cloud Developer Console empowers you to quickly architect, prototype and bring apps to market within hours or days rather than weeks or months. With IBM Cloud Mobile Services, you can use enterprise-proven mobile capabilities to answer competitive challenges and exploit market trends.

IBM Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose from the latest cloud architectures and languages. Build your app and extend its capabilities with engaging and powerful services and data such as IBM Watson®, IBM Internet of Things platform, Weather Company data and more. Extend your mobile app to the web with web-enabled services like IBM Cloud App ID and IBM Push Notifications.

Disrupting traditional business with new IT

Mobile is better on the IBM Cloud. With IBM Cloud, you can focus on delivering great apps quickly and securely with less worry about backend issues.

Building successful mobile apps: Learn about a comprehensive approach for developing mobile business applications, including best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management.

Choose your products

IBM offers the platform and tools you need to build native mobile apps and robust mobile back ends.

Your first iOS or Android mobile app: iOS app with Push and Analytics. Quickly create an iOS Swift application with high-value mobile services like Push Notifications and Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud.

Android app with Push and Analytics: Quickly create an Android native application with high-value mobile services like Push Notifications and Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud.

Mobile application with serverless back end: Learn how to use IBM Cloud Functions along with other cognitive and data services to build a serverless back end for a mobile application.

Mobile Foundation

    • Scalable, secure mobile access that simplifies integration with backend and cloud services.
    • App ID – Add authentication to web and mobile apps, including through social login.
    • Mobile Analytics – Monitor performance and usage of all your applications from your desktop or tablet.
    • Push Notifications – Send real-time notifications to mobile and web applications.

IBM Cloud solutions for existing mobile apps

    1. Prototype, build or update existing mobile apps. Rapidly build using Code Starters for data, weather and Watson services.
    2. Extend existing mobile apps using back-end–for– front-end architecture. Achieve best-in-class c loud-native design by using back ends tailored to each front end.
    3. Develop more intelligent apps with Watson services. Add intelligence to your mobile apps with cognitive capabilities

Build native mobile apps for Android or iOS

  • Build your iOS app on IBM Cloud
  • Build your Android app on IBM Cloud
  • Build your hybrid mobile app on IBM Cloud • Build your web-based mobile app on IBM Cloud • Build Swift mobile apps in the cloud • Move your IBM Mobile Foundation app to IBM Cloud • Build, iterate and innovate with Mobile Foundation on IBM Cloud.

More IBM Cloud solutions for mobile

IBM DevOps Services on IBM Cloud: Respond to market and customer needs faster. Scale DevOps to the enterprise without disruption. Build a startup culture.

IBM Cloud Functions: Use a serverless architecture to meet the evolving demands of the mobile-driven user experience.

IBM Cloud Container Service: Package and deploy apps that you want to run across multiple environments.