What Does A Managed IT Services Provider Do? Businesses Today Rely On Their IT Systems For Many Aspects Of Their Business.

In fact, these systems are like a heartbeat keeping the company working. Each industry sector comes with its own complexity and knowledge base. However, not all businesses have an IT expert as part of their team and that’s when the management of IT systems need to be out sourced to an expert


A company that offers managed services for IT will offer a wide variety of products and services to a business. Normally they will have a team of experts on hand with various skills and expertise. They should be easily accessible and act as a partner to you, almost becoming a part of your tem.

They will look at your specific needs and offer a bespoke solution for your business. Allowing you and your team to get on with your core jobs without having to be concerned about your technology.


It’s important that your managed IT service provider acts in a proactive way to try to minimise any downtime due to issues. Somebody that is just on hand to fix something when it breaks is not the answer. You want somebody who works behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of your technology. Somebody who will build a road map for the future with plans built around your growth.


Appointing the right partner will mean that you as a customer will benefit from many services and supports:

  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support. That includes after hours, weekends and holidays
  • On-site support when it is needed, remote support when it is more effective
  • A fixed monthly cost that allows for accurate budget forecasting
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring at all stages and levels
  • Network monitoring and management that allows for identification of any issue before it causes an issue
  • Enhanced network security and data protection, keeping your business safe
  • Increased employee productivity as less time wasted due to downtime
  • Access to the most up to date technology and the knowledge necessary to use it
  • Help with IT security, technologies, products and user training
  • Updates, backups, license use management
  • Disaster recovery planning and business continuity services
  • Email filtering, spam and antivirus technologies

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