If your business is growing and the future looks bright it might be time to take a look at your IT Infrastructure. A lot can happen over a few years and with the growth you are expecting in the coming years it is time to ensure you have what your business needs to continue to thrive. Now might be the time to decide if it is time for your business to move to the cloud. Welcome to this guide on your Journey to The Cloud, brought to you by DNA IT Solutions. This guide is one of a series that we hope will be useful to give you an insight into what you can do to prepare your business for growth.

Why move to the cloud?

If your business is growing and the future looks bright it might be time to take a look at your IT Infrastructure. A lot can happen over a few years and with the growth you are expecting in the coming years it is time to ensure you have what your business needs to continue to thrive.Now might be the time to decide if it is time for your business to move to the cloud.

Reduced Costs

Making the move to the Cloud can lead to significant cost reductions. It is these
controlled lower costs that make the move so attractive in the first instance. With low monthly charges it can work out more cost-effective and less time consuming than
using multiple physical servers.

Flexible & Secure

Cloud can be the best option as it has the flexibility and scalability to grow and change with the business. It is relatively straightforward to adjust storage needs without too much difficulty or delay as required. Risk reduction is another advantage of switching to the cloud with guaranteed security and software updates. It’s a backup service that eliminates the need for manual intervention.

With all these advantages, why is it that many businesses are still reluctant to make that move? We believe that it is the lack of a good support system to help them along the journey. There are so many options and so much information out there it is essential that you make informed decisions. That’s why you need to pick the right partner and the right platform.

Preparing for the journey

All journeys start with the first step. You know the destination is going to be wonderful but will the journey be a smooth or rough one?

Moving to the cloud involves a new mind-set for the organisation. You will be looking at areas of innovation, possibilities open up as we optimise rapidly. Projects can be spun up quickly as never before. Once the team is ready for this exciting opportunity and are ready to modernise systems it is now time to start that journey together.

How we work

Our client satisfaction is what will give you confidence

We pride ourselves in how we engage with our customers. Our engagements are under pinned by our core business ethos the DNA Way which is all about honesty, integrity and transparency in all our dealings


We review your current IT operations in relation to business


We develop a project plan for seamless delivery that gives value


We implement your plan and enable a customer support model

A clear journey plan

Before we set out on our journey we need to have a map to get there. We look at what you have, what you will keep and what is missing. This gives us a picture of the current situation and helps us identify the parts that interconnect in the business. Each journey will be unique based on your business needs but we will always keep security as a priority.

Public Cloud

Secure cloud storage that is accessible to many. Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services that IT professionals use to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centres. This is public cloud with a great emphasis on security and performance.

Private Cloud

Dedicated private space for your business. IBM Cloud gives the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centres around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything. This is enterprise grade, private dedicated cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes a mix of cloud and on premise is the right solution. This approach uses both local and off-site resources to manage storage. It provides dedicated servers and storage and shared cloud services on the same network. The system will be bespoke to the customer and will deliver both availability and flexibility.

The migration

Once the plan has been approved we work with you to get everything migrated with as little disruption as possible. We become part of your team, working with you to ensure all is set up in a straight forward fashion.

The journey not the destination

There is no single solution that will fit with every business as it will depend on how much information or data is being moved. It will also depend on the budget and needs of the business. Working with a team that is familiar with all the options will ensure you get the solution that is right for you.

Benefits of Online Backup

Reduce Risk

Cloud storage is seen as the more secure option for business. Your cloud provider is always on and automatically upgrading to ensure the optimum platform for your data. While on premise systems may not be updated with the latest security software, cloud technology is very secure with the firewalls and security measures up to date and always on.

Reduce Cost

The costs of operating within the cloud are one of the most attractive reasons to make the move. With so many users a business can benefit from economies of scale by sharing in the same computer power allowing smaller businesses share the benefits that only larger businesses would have had access to in the past. With no substantial upfront investment, costs are controlled.

Reduce Downtime

Because the newest technology and updates are always there, the cloud enables organisations to reduce downtime. A business will be less likely to be down due to a security issue, backups or lack of updates. With access available from anywhere in the world your team can keep working when and where they need to. Perfect to today’s mobile workforce.

Access the power of the cloud – We know Cloud

When you work with an experienced expert team like DNA IT Solutions you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We look at your business to see what the correct solution is for you at this moment in time. We also look to the future and take into account your growth plans so that the system we recommend will support them.

We want to give you the easiest migration option that will cause the least disruption. The one that fits your budget and meets your risk requirements that will give you the best return on your spend. You don’t have to do the research as we have already done that for you. We know you may view moving to the Cloud as a headache but we are here to do the heavy lifting for you. Leaving you to get on with your core business.

Does this sound like you?

  • You are experiencing growth but your existing IT infrastructure may not be able to cope
  • You are planning for future growth but your existing IT resources are not enough
  • You are considering moving to the cloud but are unsure of your options
  • You need an expert team to guide you along the journey to the cloud

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