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With the growing reliance on IT infrastructure a business needs to maintain high levels of security in order to protect itself from attack. Welcome to this introduction to cyber security awareness brought to you by DNA IT Solutions. This guide is one of a series that we hope will be useful to give you an insight into what you can do to protect your business from attack. Sharing these useful tips with your team could help protect your business.

Do you understand the cyber risks your business is facing? This checklist can deliver the knowledge your company needs to lower its cyber risk status.


  • How often does the board discuss cybersecurity and how it might impact your business?
  • Are security policies enforced and updated regularly?
  • If your organisation changes direction do you have a developed plan in place to address any new cyber risks?
  • Have you established ownership across all data?


  • Do you ensure that users have anti-virus software loaded and activated on systems?
  • Do you know what to do when your security has been breached?
  • Do you have programmes in place to identify and respond to cyber incidents?
  • Do you know what the biggest cyber risks are in your industry? Cyber Security Check List


  • Do you have effective cyber awareness training within every area of your business?
  • Do you delete emails from unknown sources without opening them?
  • Do you utilise strong, difficult-to-compromise passwords?
  • Are you suspicious of unsolicited contact from individuals seeking the company’s data?


  • Do you know what information and systems your business needs to keep operating?
  • Do you know where your business’s critical information and data is stored and who has access to it?
  • If you lost a critical system, do you have a pre-determined plan of how to restore the system?
  • Do you know what the costs will be for your business to respond to a serious cyber incident, including recovery?

If you are unable to answer any of these questions or some answers make you uncomfortable, then it could be worth you seeking out expert advice.