DNA IT Solutions have been chosen as one of just a few IBM Partners in Ireland. Selected based on our experience and expertise in providing customer solutions that work.

We offer this enterprise cloud solution to our larger clients that have more complex requirements. We implement your transition, scoping and planning to make the transition easier.

Compute services

Drive your applications and workloads with as much or as little IT control as you want, from virtual servers to serverless resources.

IBM Cloud compute services flexibly drives the end user experiences that you want. Whether you need to tune an application with specific OS access requirements, provide a stateless API that services high request volumes and delivers special services, or implement microservices that quickly and automatically adapt to use, IBM Cloud has you covered. T

Application compute as flexible as your business needs

Choose the compute type that enables your teams to rapidly deliver and iterate applications for the customers in your market.

Develop cloud-enabled and cloud-native applications

IBM Cloud compute facilitates architectural and development strategies that make existing on-premises applications work with new applications developed in the cloud.

Open source works better together

Those who actively participate in the IBM Cloud Foundry and Docker development projects provide the benefits of their perspective in making sure that open source code versions are optimally integrated into IBM Cloud.

Choose the right compute model

Not sure what model of compute best supports the app or service you are building? We can help to point you in the right direction so you make the correct decision for your business.

Choose your products

Move your workloads to the IBM Cloud high-performance global cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Virtual Servers

This is public and dedicated virtual servers that provision and scale on demand. Virtual servers are scalable virtual servers that are purchased with dedicated cores and memory allocations. They are a great option if you are looking for compute resources, that can be added in minutes, with access to features like image templates. Virtual servers are fully customizable when you order them, with options to scale up as your compute needs grow.

Cloud Functions

Based on Apache OpenWhisk IBM Cloud Functions is a polyglot functions-as-a-service (FaaS) programming platform for developing lightweight code that scalably executes on demand. IBM Cloud Functions accelerates application development, which enables developers to quickly build apps with action sequences that execute in response to our event-driven world.

Auto scaling

Automatically grow or shrink your cloud environment based on demand. Pay for the resources you need, only when you need them. Meet your workload demands without keeping (and paying for) underutilised capacity. When you run limited-time product specials that bring in a flood of users, you can auto scale your resources to keep up with increased resource demands.

Bare Metal Servers

Bare metal servers provide power for processor I/O-intensive workloads. We can configure the hardware to exact specifications via a portal or API and deploy in real time. This is high-performance cloud servers configurable in hourly and monthly options. Choose a processor that best meets your performance needs. Upgrade from the base configuration to fine tune the hardware for your workload. Provision servers in IBM Cloud data centers around the world in hours.

Container Registry

Organize, store, manage and access a diverse array of objects — audio, emails, images, office documents and video — with a highly scalable and geographically-dispersed storage solution based on OpenStack Swift or S3-compatible interfaces. Capitalize on flexible pricing and get the capacity you need, when and where you need it.

Container Service

Orchestrate intelligent scheduling, self-healing and horizontal scaling. Advanced capabilities for building cloud-native apps, adding DevOps to existing apps, and relieving the pain around security, scale, and infrastructure management. Combining Docker and IBM Cloud Container Service to orchestrate intelligent scheduling, self-healing, and horizontal scaling for rapid delivery of your apps

Cloud Foundry

Deploy and scale apps without manually configuring and managing servers. Application Runtimes based on Cloud Foundry ensure that the build and deploy aspects of coding remain carefully coordinated with any attached services, resulting in quick, consistent, and reliable iterating of applications. Runtimes get innovative ideas to market fast with reduced development costs, leveling the field of opportunity so that any organization can keep up with or set a new pace of market transformation. And scale effortlessly

WebSphere Application Server on Cloud

Launch new or existing Java apps in the cloud, with single and multi-tenant options. This service gives you the WebSphere Application Server experience in Bluemix. Choose from traditional or Liberty installations of WebSphere Application Server, preconfigured and hosted on your own Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest.