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Welcome to the DNA IT Solutions User Training Video Series.

Our series of training videos provides the tools needed to safeguard your business data. They will help protect you against phishing, ransomware, social engineering and more. We show you the pitfalls, so you can think before you click.

You may think you’ve got it covered. But hackers are constantly finding new ways to get past security systems. They are professionals who disrupt, destroy and steal data for profit. Businesses stand to lose more than information. A lost reputation means lost sales. And, new legislation that goes live in 2018 imposes hefty fines for data breaches.

How can you protect your business against cybercrime? The best defence is numerous layers of protection. Which means working with the most up-to-date IT team and security vendors. And, constantly improving firewall, antivirus and security software to lessen the chance of attack.

We suggest you watch all the videos here and remember to share them with your team so they can ‘think before they click’.


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Cyber Security Overview

Each time you carry out a transaction online, the information is stored digitally. This leaves you wide open to a faceless hacker or someone seeking to commit fraud.  We explore the risks and provide you with vital control and protection measures. Is this relevant to you? It certainly is, as cybercrime is ever more common.

Password Security

As part of our vital Cyber Security Series of videos, we’re going to cover password security.  Your password is not only a string of characters that allows access. It’s a way of putting a wall between your sensitive information and hackers.  We share some of the important measures for password security.


Email is still a powerful business tool, a quick and cost-effective global communications method. However, in the hands of professional cyber criminals, it can be equally effective for negative purposes.  Phishing is the process of tricking people out of information, often by getting you to respond to an email. Usually for theft or fraud purposes.


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