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Why choose IBM Cloud?

Why IBM Cloud DNA IT Solutions

When it comes to cloud, not all options are the same.

For many businesses using a public cloud platform can be the perfect solution.  However, some businesses need something a little bit different and that is where IBM Cloud comes along.

Private Cloud

What IBM offer is dedicated private cloud storage.  That means your business will have their own dedicated space that will not be shared with any other organisation.  It is a space that is identified and completely separated from others.  With public cloud you would be sharing with multiple unknown other tenants, however, with IBM Cloud that is not the case.

Why Private Cloud?

So why would you bother with private cloud?  Some clients have critical data so they don’t want to use public cloud as they may have concerns around security.  Businesses that are highly regulated need full traceability and control over their data storage and IBM cloud can offer that to them.

Business Continuity

With natural and technical disasters being a real threat for large organisations, disaster recovery and business continuity are popular topics right now.  Having a plan to get back up and running quickly and effectively should disaster strike is vital.   By using private cloud to store backups and data off site securely this can enable access within minutes from another location should it be necessary.   Some clients like to have this storage on a different continent and with IBM Cloud that is perfectly viable.

Cyber Security

The security of an organisations data will be of critical concern and having a dedicated private storage area allows an additional layer of security.  In many cases this could be a requirement in a high impact or highly sensitive industry.

Enabled for Mid-Sized Business

IBM was often seen as a brand that only large enterprises could access now DNA IT Solutions have enabled an IBM cloud offering for mid-sized Irish businesses.  As one of only a handful of IBM partners in Ireland our job is to help businesses figure out if this dedicated cloud storage is for them.

How to adopt the technology

While this offering from IBM is very exciting you need to know how to use it to get the best value from it.  It may not be suitable for your business at this stage so we will take a view and if it is not suitable we won’t offer it to you, we will have something else in our vast portfolio instead.  We will figure out what is right for you.  That’s IBM Cloud done the DNA IT Way

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