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DNA IT Solutions have been chosen as one of just a few IBM Partners in Ireland. Selected based on our experience and expertise in providing customer solutions that work. We offer this enterprise cloud solution to our larger clients that have more complex requirements. We implement your transition, scoping and planning to make the transition easier.


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IBM Bluemix

A true enterprise grade network and architecture.

  • Offering total data sovereignty
  • Datacentres spread across the world
  • Datacentres that are linked together
  • Offering flexibility and scalability
  • Secure and totally compliant

BlueMix gives you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centres around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything.

  • Datacentre consolidation – bring all your requirements to one place
  • Capacity issues – burst outward with flexibility and scalability
  • Disaster recovery options – you pick your location for this
  • Current skills remain valid – we do the transition and your staff can use their existing skills to roll out with our help
  • Route to market solution – best option for a smooth transfer

Your virtual server will be deployed on a host server dedicated to you. This gives you the ability to consume all of the node’s hardware resources if and when your needs grow. Yourspace dedicated to you and ready for your business expansion.

Control the company you keep — Public and Private Node Virtual Servers

SoftLayer virtual servers are available on public or private nodes of the IBM public cloud. Deploy a public node virtual server for workloads suited to a multi-tenant environment. Or choose a private node and your virtual server will be deployed on a host server dedicated to you, giving you the ability to consume all of the node’s hardware resources if and when your needs grow.

Bare-Metal Clouds Deliver dedicated hardware for latency sensitive workloads

Bare-metal clouds offer a way for infrastructure and operations professionals to deploy workloads that demand dedicated hardware for performance and isolation reasons with all the operational advantages of VM-based infrastructure-as-a-service cloud services. Because they eliminate the latencies associated with virtual machines and their virtualized network and I/O, one of the strongest use cases for bare-metal cloud is workloads that require the lowest latency.

A network of networks. Fast, resilient, and seamless around the world.

SoftLayer delivers unmatched scalability and control because IBM have built a different kind of network—a network of networks. Public, private, and management traffic travel across separate network interfaces, segregating and securing traffic while streamlining management. IBM’s global network boasts more than 2,000Gbps of connectivity between data centers and network points of presence (PoPs). These locations each have multiple 10Gbps transit connections as well as peering links to additional service providers and access networks.


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